What’s inside your Computer|| Computer components

Computer components

Almost any modern computer consists of several basic elements. Let’s look at them.

consist of computer
  • a system unit is a box in which various devices are installed. These devices form the main computing power of the computer. They are made in the form of printed circuit boards, which through special connectors (slots) are installed on one of the largest – the main board. This board is called the motherboard.
  • monitor – allows you to visualize all computer data processing processes.
  • keyboard – a device that allows you to enter data into a computer or set commands
  • the mouse is a special manipulator that allows you to control the graphical interface of programs and the operating system.
  • external devices – you can make a huge list of external (peripheral) devices that can be connected to a computer. The fact is that peripheral devices expand the capabilities of a computer, and since computers are widely used in various fields of human activity, peripheral devices can be very specific. The most famous and widely used external devices are removable storage media (flash drives, usb disks, etc.), printers and scanners.

So, this was a general list of the main components of any computer. In the following notes, we will deal with each element of the personal computer separately in more detail.

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