cold press oil machine

One way or another, modern days needs cold press oil machine. Thanks to them, a person quickly and efficiently receives seed oil from various oilseeds. The main advantage of the devices is that thanks to them the seeds are processed more thoroughly. Due to such processing, we achieve an excellent natural oil, no less important, environmentally friendly product in the form of pressed oil. Naturally, in a modern economy, manufacturers offer a wide selection of devices, each with features, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
We will talk more about all this in the framework of the article.

cold press oil machine


Manual oil press machine

hy-03 manual oil press machine

Professionals classify devices into presses of preliminary and final extraction. this is the best Manual Oil Press Machine you can find, Pure Physical Pressing Technology to fully press the oil material and squeeze out the oil
The body of this oil Press Machine is 304 Stainless Steel both the machine body and the handle.

Suitable for most oil content such as flaxseed, sesame seed, tea seed, coconut oil, olive, sunflower seed, peanut, walnut.

The choice of technology depends on the expected result and the properties of the feedstock. Spin is carried out in accordance with strictly designated technology.

hy-03 press amazon

hy-03 press performs standard operations, the Pressing Speed is: 0.4 kg per hour

baoshishan automatic oil press machine

automatic cold press oil machine

baoshishan automatic oil press machine is designed for squeezing oil at home in the most gentle way. Although the device has a heating function, the oil is pressed in a cold way. This is achieved by preheating the grinding chamber. The device is as simple as possible to use,

with 700W Power oil extracting rate is up to 50% which depends on the oil seed, dual exhaust cooling system can continue work for 24 hours. brushed stainless steel pure material, The pressing rod is made of 304 thickened stainless steel, and the thread is from deep to shallow so that the oil is forced evenly during the pressing process and the oil production rate is higher. Hot and cold pressing, there is no need to heat the raw material during cold pressing, only needs to be preheated for 10 minutes, the oil temperature is about 37 degrees.

cold press oil machine Household Oil Presso LOP-G3

Household Oil press machine

The model, unlike handheld devices, is configured to do all the work on its own at an automatically set level. You are required to load the feedstock into the grinding chamber through a special funnel and turn on the device. it’s a cold press oil machine but You can adjust the heating temperature of the grinding chamber using the convenient control panel (this is not possible in any model in this review). The maximum temperature is 180 ° C. Also on the control panel there is a power button and a reverse mode button.


  • adjustment of heating temperature;
  • automatic operation of the device;
  • high efficiency, efficiency reaches 98%;
  • appointment to cold and hot spin;
  • wide equipment.
  • Powerful 650w motor
  • Stainless steel auger for hygienically pressing seeds and nuts
  • Processing capacity of 2Kg/ hour
  • Operating time up to 30 mins
  • Simple, one touch operation

I would recommend the device to those who prefer oils and products of their own production. The device is efficient and quite powerful, does not take up much space, and works quickly. it doesn’t make noise while working,

CGOLDENWALL 1200W cold press oil machine

CGOLDENWALL 1200W Household Commercial Automatic Oil Press Machine

commercial oil press machine

CGOLDENWALL 1200W is a commercial type model and is designed for the extraction of oils from nuts and seeds. It combines small dimensions with the efficiency and reliability of a professional machine. it’s one of the best cold press oil machine and it’s capable of producing three types of oil extraction, including cold press oil, which makes it possible to attribute the resulting product to the highest category. Among the features: an all-metal construction, the highest quality of parts and a long time of continuous operation of the motor.


  • High spin efficiency is achieved thanks to the latest production technologies. The oil press components (auger and basket) are manufactured on precision digital equipment, which results in high build quality, makes the device reliable, and its operation is stable.
  • Food grade steel 304 is an ideal material for the device case. Its surface is processed in such a way that the panels retain their appearance longer – get less dirty and do not become covered with prints. On the top panel there are two steel handles for carrying.
  • modes of operation:
    • cold pressed
    • extraction with direct heating
    • heated for five minutes with the subsequent pressing.
  • This commercial oil press machine is an easy to use machine. Several buttons are responsible for the control, and the cleaning is easy and convenient.
  • A professional oil press does not have to be bulky. Complete Media OP-1 is compact and takes up no more space than a food processor. The noise of his work is below 60 dB, which is equivalent to the noise of a home oil press.
  • Cgoldenwall Oil Press is capable of continuous operation for up to 24 hours. In combination with a wide loading capacity, which holds up to 6 kg of nuts or seeds, this allows you to easily process large volumes of the product.
  • Suitable for pressing any seeds and nuts with a sufficient oil content (from 25%). Sesame, flax, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, and peanuts – all common products are pressed with high efficiency (efficiency up to 60%!).

The difference between cold pressed oil and hot oil

Vegetable oils are widely used in cooking, so they should not only have good taste, but also retain their beneficial elements and vitamins, have a natural composition, and also be useful for the human body.

Product quality directly depends on the method of production, of which there are only three.

  1. Hot spin.
  2. Cold pressed.
  3. Extraction

The first two are the most common, as the production process dispenses with the addition of a solvent – hexane or gasoline.

Hot Press Method

Hot pressing is considered the most common method in which the seeds are subjected to mechanical and heat treatment. First of all, the seeds are crushed using shafts, then water is added to the dishes where they are crushed. This is done so that the seeds are not burnt during the frying process.

Next, the crushed grains are fried in special pans at a temperature of 100-120 degrees, which ensures the acquisition of more oil by reducing the residual oil content of the cake. After this procedure, the resulting mass is subjected to extraction at a pressure of 6 bars.

The products obtained at the end of the process are characterized by a dark color, a viscous consistency, a pronounced taste and smell. This oil is suitable for use in cooking, but frequent use can lead to a shortage of essential fatty acids and significantly reduce the level of immunity, since during pre-treatment the seeds lose their useful components.

Cold pressed method

During cold pressing, the seeds are not subjected to grinding and heat treatment. With this method, whole seeds are squeezed under the pressure of a special press. A feature of the use of this processing method is that the temperature at a pressure does not exceed 40 degrees.

Cold pressed oil is lighter in color, not of such a viscous consistency, without a very pronounced taste, but with a pleasant and delicate smell of seeds. For the production of 1 liter, 6 kilograms of seeds are required, which is two times more than with hot pressing.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

This method of squeezing grains is less profitable for the manufacturer, however, the resulting product has several advantages compared to others.

  1. All useful substances that are in the seeds are stored.
  2. Natural composition, without admixture of harmful components.
  3. Good taste with a slight nutty flavor.
  4. Pleasant and not very pronounced aroma.

The use of a high-quality and natural product will provide the body with vitamins E and K, provitamin A, high oleic acid and others.

The cost of oil directly depends on its quality and grain processing technology, so the high price in most cases means naturalness and biological value.

what is cold pressed oil

Cold-pressed oil is an indispensable product in the daily diet of a healthy diet. Its benefit lies in the fact that at the time of manufacture it retains all the vitamins and minerals that are present in the raw material without the use of harmful impurities.

We have come to an end for this review, hope you found the cold press oil machine you are looking for, leave a comment let us know what you think is the best cold press oil machine

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