best computer keyboard 2020

Thinking about how to choose a keyboard for a computer, you need to answer the question: “What functions should it perform?”. Roughly, all computer keyboards can be divided into office and gaming. The first ones are suitable for users who work at the computer – they type text, correspond, surf the net. Such models are taken for home and office, they have a standard look, “hot” keys and allow the brushes to lie in a comfortable position. In addition, such devices can be programmed for themselves.

Gaming keyboards, as is clear from the definition, are suitable for gamers – they have programmable and additional necessary keys for popular games, backlighting and quick response. Today we will tell you by what parameters to choose the perfect office and gaming keyboards, and also present a rating of the best models in both segments.

The best keyboard 2020
The best keyboard – handy and fully functional

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Best laptops for work 2020

Before you start choosing the best laptop for work in 2020, you need to understand that this is not the thing that the user will change in a year or two. However, the variety of models on the market is literally driving the consumer crazy.

Best laptops for work

We made a series of recommendations for users who want to buy a laptop for work: what parameters should be guided in order for the device to serve you for a long time in the future, as well as how to try to save on a laptop.

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How to choose the right CPU

cpu specs

we will try to answer one very simple and at the same time a very difficult question: how to choose a CPU?

Whether you are upgrading your computer or planning to build a new PC, the choice of processor will be one of the most important.

For example, higher clock speeds, the number of cores can seriously affect overall performance, a faster system, more comfortable gameplay, as well as processor-dependent applications related to video editing and rendering.

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