NVMe SSDs: All About Modern High Performance PCI-E SSDs

all about nvme drive

NVMe SSDs the new NVMe standard – a drive working via the PCI-E interface and supporting the NVMe data transfer protocol. The latter provides the processing of a larger, compared with the old AHCI protocol, the number of requests per unit time (IOPS). And, accordingly, we have a significantly higher speed of the SSD-drive. How significant is this speed? And what nuances do we need to know if we want to add an NVMe SSD drive on board our PC? Let’s figure it out.


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TP Link Archer C7 High Performance Dual-Band Wireless Router with 802.11ac Support

The first testing of TP-Link Archer C7 with support for the latest generation of wireless standard 802.11ac was published on the pages of our resource more than a year ago. Over the past time, we managed to get acquainted with just one more router and a pair of 802.11ac wireless adapters, which indicates a cautious attitude to this standard by most manufacturers. It can be noted that only some market leaders presented their solutions with its support there is no talk of mass distribution today. One of the reasons for this situation is a very limited number of client solutions, and without them changing the router to a new one does not make sense.

tp-link ac1750 smart wifi router

However, some development of this direction is still taking place. The first solutions are based on Broadcom chipsets, and today on the market you can also find products based on Qualcomm and Realtek chips. In addition, attention was paid to the new standard by Intel Corporation.
Another important step is the appearance of smartphones with built-in 802.11ac. Despite the fact that existing models do not show a large increase in speed, the potential in the new technology is very large. This is due to the fact that this standard allows you to increase the productivity of working with a single antenna, which is usually used by mobile devices.

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What is processor cache and what effect it has

processor cache

CPU Cache is important. Without it, from the high processor clock speed, there would be no use. The cache allows you to use any, even the “slowest” RAM on your computer, without noticeable damage to its performance.

Computer processors have made a significant breakthrough in development over the past few years. The size of transistors decreases every year, and productivity is growing. At the same time, Moore’s law is already becoming irrelevant. As for the performance of processors, it should be taken into account, not only the number of transistors and frequency, but also the cache volume.

You may have already heard about the memory cache when you were looking for processor information. But, usually, we do not pay much attention to these numbers, they do not even stand out much in advertising processors. Let’s look at what the processor cache effects, what types of cache are and how it all works.

Solving any task, the computer processor receives from the RAM the necessary blocks of information. Having processed them, it writes the results of calculations into memory and receives the following blocks for processing. This continues until the task is completed.

All mentioned operations are performed at a very high speed. However, even the fastest RAM is slower than any “leisurely” processor. Each reading of information from it and writing it back is time consuming. On average, the speed of RAM is 16 – 17 times lower than the processor speed.

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how to choose The Right motherboard

The motherboard (MP) is a complex multilayer printed circuit board, which is the basis of the computer (PC). All other components are connected to the motherboard, and, in fact, it is a kind of connecting link for all other devices in the PC. choosing the right motherboard should be approached as seriously and responsibly as possible because the performance, stability, and durability of the entire system will depend on this choice. In addition, it is not recommended to install powerful high-performance components in a budget motherboard, since the MP may simply not overpower them in terms of power, and the opposite situation is not recommended – buy an expensive high-performance motherboard and install budget components in it. In this case, the expensive MP simply does not justify its purchase.

It is useless to buy a powerful processor and crazy gigabytes of RAM if you have a weak motherboard. Instead of supporting the work of all the components of the PC, it will simply clamp them in the tight framework of its inconsistency. And this means that you will have to select a new board that will allow the computer to fully reveal its capabilities.

motherboard comparison

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